History of the Puppet theatre

1978 : Jean Bindschedler, paintor and sculptor, creates his first puppets and directs his first show.

1980 : Establishment of the Puppet Theatre in Fribourg.

1980-1998 : Regular seasonal productions directed by Jean Bindschedler. Collaboration with Marie-Jo Aeby and Nicolas Bindschedler.

1998-2001 : Nicolas Bindschedler directs the Puppet Theatre in Fribourg. Collaboration with Karine Dupont.

2002-2003 : Productions organised by the "New Fribourg Puppet Theatre Group", directed first by Christian Raschle, then Hélène Sauvain and Thomas Sansonnens. Numerous invited troups.

From 2004 :  Regular seasonal productions by invited troups.Theatre groups from Switzerland and abroad.

Programme organisers

2004 - 2008: Madeleine Mooser

2008 - 2015: Dorothée Curty

2015 - 2016: Isabelle Joye Boivin

2016 - 2017: Marion Schmutz

2018: Laetitia Delacombaz

2019 - 2020: Loraine Pernet

Puppet of the month
Puppet of the month

The Swiss Puppet Museum is happy to present the puppet of the month. Since the museum has been established in 1985 more than 5000 puppets and other...

Audioguide: On your phone
Audioguide: On your phone

By using the QR code with your phone, you can get futher information concerning the exhibition. Every showcase is commented by explications, some...