The museum was established in 1985 by Jean Bindschedler and Marie-Josée Aebi, who were puppeteers in the Rue de la Samaritaine, Fribourg, at the time. The initial collection was based on items collected by the two artists during their travels. Since then, the collection has grown thanks to numerous donations. it now comprises over 4,000 items.

Since 2000, the museum, the theatre and the restaurant have been in the same building and are managed by a private foundation.


1983 – 1985 : Jean Bindschedler, painter, sculptor and puppeteer organises itinerant exhibitions of the collection.

1985 : Jean Bindschedler sets up the Swiss Puppet Museum in the Auge area on the banks of the river Sarine.

1980-1999 : Jean Bindschedler travels and gradually builds up the Museum’s exceptional collection with puppets from around the world.

1999-2002 : He retires as curator. His succession is undertaken by his son Nicolas and subsequently by Mares Jans.

2003-2007 : Barbara Dietrich-Weibel is appointed Curator.

From 2004 : Regular activities by the “Friends of puppets”: workshops organised for children on making puppets, birthday parties and story telling.

From 2008 : Mares Jans takes over the management of the museum again including temporary exhibitions.

From 2010 : The inventory is digitalised under the supervision of Sylvia Breitling and with the financial support of “Loterie française”.

At the end of June 2012 : Mares Jans retires as a curator of the museum.

2012 – 2014 : Martine Jeanbourquin, is reponsible for administrative duties and Evelyne Rotzetta for creative activities like temporary exhibitions.

From 2015 : Nicole Lehner-Gigon, administrative duties et Sylvia Breitling, temporary exhibitions in addition to the inventory.

2017: Monique Jung temporary exhibitions, Gabrielle Haymoz inventory.

From 2019: Gabriel Casas creative activities and temporary exhibitions.

2020 – 2021: Pauline Rouiller, inventory

From 2021 : Manon Léchenne, inventory

By using the QR code with your phone, you can get futher information concerning the exhibition. Every showcase is commented by explications, some demonstrations, and music. This way the visitor can imagine the colourful past of the exhibited puppets. There are 4 languages available (French, German, English and Spanish) It is free and leads through […]

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