The Bindschedler Foundation


The Bindschedler Foundation was established on 21 December 1989 to promote the art of puppeteering, in particular through activities at the Swiss Museum of Puppets and the Puppets Theatre in Fribourg.


1989 – 1999 : Roselyne Crausaz, former State Councillor in the Canton of Fribourg
2000 – 2010 : Christian Ayer, former Municipal Councillor in the City of Fribourg
2011 – 2014 : Anne Colliard, former Attorney General in the state of Fribourg
2015 – 2016 : Jean-Robert Gisler, professor of archeology
Since 2017 : Jean Bourgknecht, former Mayor and Municipal Councillor in the City of Fribourg


Marc Joye, Jean-Robert Gisler, Marion Schmutz, Nicole Lehner-Gigon, Pete Lehner


1997 : Museum building purchased with funding of the Federal Office of Culture
1999 : Initial restoration and internal organisation
2001-2008 : The Museum and Theatre now in the same building; renovation of the ground floor and courtyard, setting up of café to encourage visitors and provide support for the Museum’s activities; complete renovation of the façade and roof (in line with the building’s archtectural identity and history – late 19th century to early 20th century).


The Bindschedler Foundation wishes to thank all who have given their support since it was established. As such, they have brought the Museum alive and allowed it to offer cultural activities to the general public from FRibourg and further afield.

Institutional donors :

The City of Fribourg – the Bourgeoisie of Fribourg – the Canton of Fribourg – the loterie Romande – the Federal Office of Culture – Pro Helvetia – Pro Patria – The Civil Service – the Municipalities of Corminboeuf, Granges-Paccot, Givisiez, Corpataux and Villars-sur-Glâne

Private donors :

BCF Cantonal Bank of Fribourg – ECAB Cantonal Fire Building Insurance – Group E – TPF Public Transport compagny- Frigaz compagny – Migros, The Cultural Percent – The Post Office, La Poste – La Mobilière, Insurance Compagny – Bayer International SA, Bank Credit Suisse, Fribourg – La Nationale, insurance

By using the QR code with your phone, you can get futher information concerning the exhibition. Every showcase is commented by explications, some demonstrations, and music. This way the visitor can imagine the colourful past of the exhibited puppets. There are 4 languages available (French, German, English and Spanish) It is free and leads through […]

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