By 1st April 2021

Operning hours 

The museum team is happy to welcome you from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 to 5 o'clock

Visit the reconditioned exposition of puppets from around the world and their history.  

Of course the instructions of the federal action plan to avoid the spreading of Covid 19 are still effective. Therefore visitors should give their personal data at reception. These will be deleted after two weeks.

Temporary exhibition "Le beau théâtre du monde"

Visit an exceptional temporary exposition with puppets of the Austrian - Swiss artist Elisabeth Häubi from Saturday 10th October. The artist founded the puppets theatre "Lostorfer Kasperlitheater" and created more than 200 puppets with shows for more than 40 years all over the German speaking regions of Switzerland. Her sensitive and sensible work achieves to show the world's beauty and ugliness at the same time. People's quest for innocence has always been her subject.

Swiss Puppets Museum

The Puppet Theatre

The Puppet Theatre of Fribourg offers a new programme each year with shows appealing to both adults and childre. Talented puppeteers from Switzerland and abroad are regularly invited to perfom. Shows in French only.


Vernissage des prochaines expositions
Vernissage des prochaines expositions

The opening of the exhibitions: « Le Râmâyana dans la vie de Trudy Morel » will present her collection of shadow theatre puppets: the wayang...

Puppet of September
Puppet of September

The Swiss Puppet Museum is happy to present the puppet of the month. Chinese string and rod Puppets are going to be presented. Since the museum has...

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The association "Friends of the Puppet Museum and Theatre organises regular handicraft workshops, theatre programmes, tales for children, trips and other events.

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