A unique collection

The collection comprises puppets from around the world that are manipulated using a range of techniques. The Swiss Puppet Museum includes a number of collections created by famous Swiss puppeteers, including Else Hüsin, Beatrix Nicolai and, of course Jean Bindschedler. You can also admire the magnificent puppet theatres made of paper, masks and decorations. On the first floor of the museum there is a library that houses numerous books on puppet theatres as well as a small castle for children to play with the puppets and act as puppeteers.

Twice a year there is a temporary exhibition to be visited.

Journée des musée, le 16 mai 2021

« Les musées, source d’inspiration pour l’avenir ». Journée des musées, le 16 mai 2021, « Une visite au musée, c’est amusant, j’ai envie de revenir...